Priceless Memories part 2

On my previous blog I had a page entitled ‘priceless memories’. It mostly contained notes of things the children had said which were funny or touching and worth remembering.  I notice it also had a note about what David and I were going to do to renew our relationship – a running weekend which unfortunately never happened.

This week Edward didn’t go back to school or nursery until today.  On Monday at Tullie House he started being very clingy and lethargic.  On Tuesday night David took him to see the out-of-hours Doctor.  On Wednesday he was home with David; yesterday he was home with me.  But after several days and nights of alternating feverish temperatures, yesterday he started pouring snot, which I felt was a good sign: the infection was coming out.  Today he has gone to nursery, I understand with some resistance (at least David is better at dealing with that sort of situation than I am: my children’s tears all too often tear at my heartstrings and it’s not been unknown for me to end up in tears as well).

However he’s not stupid – Edward, that is.  Yesterday I said to him ‘I think you’re better now and will be well enough to go to nursery tomorrow’.

He looked me straight in the eye and said ‘no I won’t, I’ll still be a little bit sick’.  He then coughed.

Yeah, right…

Mummy and Edward at the Queens Head, Askham 18th April (2)

Another priceless memory… photo above when he was about 4 months old.

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