Most definitely Not a Domestic Goddess

I pride myself on being able to juggle many things and on being quite practical.  However the number of jumpers I’ve shrunk in the wash, clothes that I’ve dyed pale pink, the toaster I washed (which then blew up) and the fact – that David never lets me forget – that I once tried to drill a hole in the wall with a screwdriver, rather belies this.

10th Jan.

As does this photograph.  I couldn’t help laughing when I saw it -foam pouring out of my (new) washing machine as if it was some alien being spawning ectoplasm – but I have to be honest.  I had put too much washing liquid in the drawer and not only that but it was the stuff for delicate fabrics which always seems to foam more anyway.  Of course, because it was for non-delicate dirty fabrics I thought they’d need extra… perhaps not that much extra.

I’m pleased to say that it did neither the washing machine nor the clothes any apparent harm, and that Sainsburys delivered some new clothes washing liquid of the non-delicate variety last night.

The washing machine is now going again as I have, satisfyingly, got out on two runs this weekend.  I did more-or-less the same route both times but the weather today, when I went with Kerry, was at least consistently windy and rainy – in fact the wind was providing extra resistance on the way back as we headed into it, which I told her was good for us.

Yesterday Penny came up and the weather alternated between being sunny and sleety.  It had been snowing around Penrith when she left: in Brampton the sun was out and the skies were blue – until we turned to run back to my house, when it started sleeting.  The great thing about being up on the Ridge is that you can see the weather coming towards you (or going away): we could see snow up on Cold Fell at the northern tip of the Pennines, and the big cloud rolling towards us from Scotland looks ominous…

10th Jan. Ridge woods (1)10th Jan. Ridge woods (2)

Soon the children will be home and the quiet of the weekend will be shattered.  However I’m glad.  I’ve had an enjoyable, productive weekend but when I leave the children at David’s I always leave a little piece of me behind with them.  The fire is burning merrily, the room is warm and welcoming: there will be time for TV and a cuddle before bed.

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