Singing: and thoughts from a paranoid Singer

I thought it might be worth posting a vimeo video (is that the right expression?) on here… we have had a fair amount of views on our Facebook page but can always do with more!  But also I have very conflicting feelings about this, which reflect the way I feel about my singing generally (even about me and Life?). There’s still a little voice in my head saying “what do you think you are doing – what makes you think you’re good enough (reasonable enough) to stand up and sing in public?”.  Last year (2015) I had, for some of the time, the support and encouragement of a man who loved me – I know all too well one shouldn’t need to rely on the support of others, but it really makes a difference.  I miss that man and I miss singing for him – he was one of my biggest fans.  And I have other loyal fans – my friend Clare and her Dad – but the little voice in my head then says ‘are they biased?’… (shut up, little voice!).

Anyhow, enough rambling… here’s the video, out into the world… but why did Cath put so much more of Deborah on it than me?  Was she saying Deborah is better than me?  etc. etc… As ever, the dilemma is why do I seek to perform and then wonder whether on earth I should be doing so?  But perhaps that’s the paranoia of every performer…

2 thoughts on “Singing: and thoughts from a paranoid Singer

  1. sarahjlewisbriggs December 16, 2016 / 7:54 am

    Thank you… yes, I only sing things I love – and if something I perform one time doesn’t really work and I don’t really love it, I tend not to sing it again. Sometimes it means I pick things that are very hard though! I really appreciate your comments – they have a lot of wisdom in them.


  2. Elizabeth December 16, 2016 / 1:14 am

    I did read those earlier heartbreaking posts. I started reading you after those were posted. As for your singing, I think you need to let joy come into your singing. You are on key. I don’t think you should over emote(I think that of your fellow singer), but I would sing because you love the music. Only sing things you really feel and love how they feel coming out of your breath. My daughter is a singer, so I have thought about this a lot. How do you pick your material? Do you look for things you really love and feel? Maybe some songs about heartbreak? Or about getting it back together.
    Keep singing.


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