My not-a-christmas-carol words

I was asked to write some words for a carol, that Nigel, one of my musician friends, could set to music.  However with all that’s been going on in the world – and also because I’ve been listening to some fairly haunting, gut-wrenching, even cynical music (and words) recently, it was impossible to write something completely joyful and saccharine.  Instead this is what came out:


Staring into warm flames, Christmas music in my head

Choirs singing carols, children warm in bed

Dreaming of festivities, food and gifts

Loving hugs, kisses, families well-fed.



But what about the others?

How will they celebrate?

Lost homes, lost children, lost souls

What joy can they create?


Standing in the icy snow, which silently drifts down

Detached cold stars, ignoring ever-troubled man

With his guns, fighting, killing, bloody noise

In our nature since we first began.


(repeat chorus)


Wealth in parcels under glittering trees, treasured boxes

Realms of ribbon-wrapped paper, trees destroyed

To cover briefly thousands of toys

Comfortable children’s short-lived joys.


(repeat chorus)


Gazing at the cloudy sky, wishing for world peace

A football match played in no-man’s land

On a wall “know hope” in a child’s hand

We are all human; let fighting cease.

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