A new singing dress and other new things

Yet again time seems to have passed me by – but I really mustn’t complain as I’ve been busy and (mostly) having fun: and boredom is the bane of my life.  For those who don’t know me who are reading this, I tend to live life at full pelt and will then collapse in a little heap once in a while, either with low feelings or just because I’ve got ill.  Touch wood other than a couple of low-ish days a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been fine for months…

Singing is again playing a significant part in my life.  Work obviously takes up a lot of time (especially travelling to Whitehaven four days a week) and it goes without saying that my children are the most important thing to me: but singing has also over the years been important to me emotionally and now seems to be taking off in a way which I could only have dreamt of not so long ago.  And, of course, with more solo performances, my confidence has grown: although I have to admit it almost got a severe knock back when I sang in the Tithe Barn at a Civic reception on Thursday (the acoustics in the Tithe Barn are hideous – really dead – and on top of that we were almost the final item of a very long-drawn out evening, so people didn’t actually want to hear us but wanted to go home).

However the first music night at Capernaum was a huge success – far better and more enjoyable than either Anthony, the Chef-Proprietor, or I, had anticipated – and I’m looking forward to the next one.  Eight + 1 is now booked in there for 14th January as well, but more imminently we are performing at St. Cuthberts (fab. acoustic) in Carlisle on 22nd October.  We had our first practice in ages last Saturday and I had forgotten how lovely the music is – in addition we also make a nice sound!!!  One of the things I really must get on with (tomorrow evening, after I’ve written my Off the Wall press release which was meant to have been written a week ago?) is the programme as it’s going to be slightly different from last time.

September, being my birthday month, generally is also a time when I get to go shopping though.  I’ve had the hall decorated (finally) and am going to look for new curtains, with help from the children, tomorrow.  But I’m rather more excited about the new dress I Singing at the Tithe Barn civic reception (2)bought last week.  I felt I was entitled to a treat but even so it was obviously meant to be as it was almost the only dress in my size in the shop (it was the only one I tried on, and it fitted) and the retailer let me have it for half price.. I felt I needed a new dress to sing in and that I wanted something rather more diva-ish.  I think you’ll agree that this fits the bill rather well: it certainly makes me feel fantastic.


I’ve also added my ‘Capernaum flowers’ – the bouquet I got from the restaurant when I had my birthday lunch in there – they are such beautiful colours – I love the dusky pink of the roses.

Singing rocks!!!

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