Shining Stars

Isabella was a Shining Star at school today: for artwork.  Funnily enough for a child who is rarely backward in coming forward, she didn’t tell me herself.  Perhaps the reason she’s been so naughty this week is because she’s been so creative…  creative in terms of stories as well.  An apology is due to Nano blocks as the packet of missing bricks (see previous post) turned up somewhere in Bella’s room.  It had clearly been hidden as I spent a long time thoroughly cleaning, tidying up and rearranging her room at the weekend while she was away and didn’t find it.

Having said that an apology is due to Nano blocks, it’s a limited one as they didn’t bother even to acknowledge my email telling them that some blocks were missing.

My tempestuous middle child may have been officially a shining star at school this week, but I’m proud of all three of them for Sports Day as well.  The last event of the afternoon was a race in which all the children took part.  Edward wanted to run too so I asked Alex to start with him.  Three-quarters of the way around the sports field, Bella took over running with Edward and Alex headed off more rapidly.  In the second field (by which time Edward was still, bless him, running) Alex got to the finishing line – and then turned back to get Edward.  All three of my children ran over the finishing line together, in last place but united.  I gave them all a huge cheer, proud of Edward for having run so far (the youngest competitor) and of the other two for having been supportive of him.

I then later went for my own run.  Up in Ridge Woods I suddenly noticed the blue mist of prolific bluebells under the trees; when I got to the top the wind was rushing across from Scotland, blowing through me as if to sweep me clean.

I’m now having a peaceful evening minus children, about to do the ironing (sigh – one of my least favourite tasks) and watching the recent film of Anna Karenina, as I finally have the means to play the DVD.  I love the way that some of it is filmed as if it were a stage play and there are some beautiful scenes, as well as some very clever ones (the train theme, whilst being obvious, I really like).  I should perhaps re-read the book once I’ve finished the great pile of books currently by my bed!

Oh for a dark red shot silk ball gown… if I would ever get a chance to wear one…

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