Sometimes there are little phrases or events which have seemed significant, profound or to touch a chord, and which I want to remember.  Where better than every-so-often to insert them in my blog?

I came across this in the Debenhams catalogue, of all places!:

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it is about learning to dance in the rain.

I love that.  In my job I see references to people with all sorts of ailments.  Some seem to go under with despair: others sing in the rain and fight adversity.  I know which I have more respect for.

Eldfrid’s lovely comment about Edward, which made me smile:

Still giggling at Edward’s total dismissal of buying Easter eggs…”you can’t BUY easter eggs!” (You silly woman!). I should know better.

And finally, walking through the Cathedral precinct towards St. Cuthbert’s yesterday (Easter Sunday).  This is a lovely old bit of Carlisle and provides a haven of peace in the city centre, the sturdy cathedral and associated buildings having stood for centuries.  It was a dull day but mild – I wasn’t wearing a coat – and the cathedral bells were all singing out jubilantly.  As I walked behind the Fratry they became a bit muffled, to then sing out clearly again as I passed the building.  Whatever one’s religious beliefs (or not), Easter and Easter bells are life-affirming and joyous, and the bright yellow flowers bursting out of the ground against an emerald green background shout out ‘spring is here, and new life!’.

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