Running in the Spring

OK, so I said in the last post that writing about every run I did would get boring.  But today was so beautiful I felt it deserved at least a short mention.

It started with frost here in Brampton; nothing major but the car said it was zero degrees outside.  By the time I left work at about 1.3opm one of the Doctors, on arriving, complained that it was too warm!  As I drove home I could easily have not bothered to have run – there were plenty of other things to do – but the outdoors beckoned loudly.  In fact it was one of those days when, having got changed and headed out, I felt I should be able to run far better than I actually did: it was a day that made you want to run and leap and bound and spring for joy.

It was a day to contemplate what a fantastic, amazing world we live in: it was packed with the sights and sounds of spring.  A crowd of crows were cawing from their nests on the way up the Moot; other birds were shouting mating calls to each other, or singing blithely in the sun.  Everywhere was alive: with green shoots bursting up, ladybirds meandering across the track, noises in the trees.  In the distance I heard a dog barking; someone mowing his lawn; the whirr of a light aeroplane.  Scotland hid behind a light haze; the nearby fells were pale in the sunlight, not having yet donned their garish bright green of a wet summer.

I didn’t run brilliantly: but I loved being outside.

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