1st January 2015

It’s taken me some time to get going with this website/blog, but what better day to start a new blog than on New Year’s Day.

Edward, my youngest, was 4 years old yesterday.  4 years ago I was in the Cumberland Infirmary with my new son in my arms, having had an elective caesarean.  At midnight that night I heard fireworks going off and the midwives and medical staff having a party: whilst his birth may have been of little consequence to them, the fireworks seemed to be especially to celebrate the birth of this unplanned but gorgeous, happy and healthy child who had come in to the world.

After the initial shock of finding I was pregnant it was as if he was meant to be, and certainly hardly a day goes by when I don’t rejoice at the happiness and laughter he has brought into my life at an age when many women are becoming grandmothers.

My husband left us in August 2014 (‘the year of broken things’) but two things came out of my marriage which can never be taken away from me and which make life worth living: my three children, who have taught me that a mother’s love is an astounding and deep experience; and confirmation that I have a good sense of self-esteem and confidence.

There were all sorts of things I was going to write about a few months ago, when I first planned this blog: but I am resolved to live in the moment and look forward and not back (though to learn from the past and to be glad about it is, I think, a good thing).  So the experiences of 2014 will be largely unrecorded here: it’s time to start afresh.

Please share my journey with me: your feedback and comments now and in the future are welcomed.

Happy New Year!

One thought on “1st January 2015

  1. Eldfrid Becker January 5, 2015 / 11:37 am

    Happy new year, Sarah!
    Nice to read your blog – looks like 2015 is a year to enjoy and look forward to. I still have the same email address, so get in touch, it’s been too long!
    Eldfrid xxx


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